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  1. Its probably That piece of paper that one of the assistance is holding. Naturally we are attracted to flashes of white, I’m sure the paper is laminated therefore flashing. The first down marker is over his right shoulder and he is looking over his left right at the paper. Sorry barners try again!!!!

  2. I’ve never seen this play or spot but I can provide some insight as a possibility (as an official)…If he’s getting assistance with the spot from another crew member and he’s off, he will make certain it’s not “close”. Unfortunately for this guy, he looked back and didn’t trust the spot his partner had. Head Linesman (official by the chains) are taught to never look back. You pick up the first down or not from your Line Judge who is across the field. His LJ probably gave the spot beyond the marker however he didn’t mirror the spot, therefore, out of position and unsure so he not only adjusted his feet (in a wonky way) and looked back (and big no no)… Most officials accomplish this task without anyone every realizing what occured! otherwise you’d be measuring every other down and that is just not going to happen!

    As insight to this “phantom” spotting, watch how the ball curiously ends up directly on a yard marker on a change of possession or first down. Officials always prefer to go line-to-line on every possession until the offense gets into the red zone. Fun stuff and an effective mechanic for officials to avoid so many measurements.

  3. no one ever shows the play beforehand! the ball was marked correctly! this guy even cropped the picture where u cant see the other ref who is standing on the line where it should be marked. why did he look back, you ask? i dont know. but it really doesnt matter.

  4. Hey, readyfred… Alabama has benefitted from these calls for years. Do they NEED the favorable calls from SEC officials? Certainly not every game. They didn’t need them against Ole Miss in this year’s game, but they get very obvious calls and the refs seem to turn a blind eye during many Alabama penalties that should be called. This video is obvious to anyone who is objective. The ref looks to see where the first down marker is before tap dancing and placing the ball. VERY obvious, but just one of many moves by SEC officials. Thanks, Slive.

  5. yeah.. those stinking guys.. they obviously paid that ref. i mean if they would stop cheating they definitely would lose games. because that is the only reason that teams win

    • 14 National Championships? Are you kidding me? Bama has “cheated” their way to 14 National Championships? I know see why you chose to be anonymous!

    • I, an Ala alumni, was surprised at the spot. But to accuse anyone of being paid without proff is idiotic. I guess that is why you stay Anonymous. Calls are made in the twinkling of an eye. The spot is challengeable, it was not, nor was there a called review from the box. Teams like Alabama, LSU USC, Florida win because of preparations and talent. Not because they have put a few dolllars in the palm of some person’s hand

      • Yes, accusing people of being paid without proof is idiotic……Cue music, “take the money and run” and “son of a preacher man”

      • How could they possibly have money left over to pay the ref when it obviously goes to Saban’s stylist and a handfull of players naturally

  6. Funny that no one is saying anything about the lousy call the refs made on Bama’s Robert Lester when he stepped out of bounds after returning an Ole Miss interception, then fumbled it resulting in an Ole Miss first down!! Goes both ways man.

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