Bunker Survival Guide

Enjoy and War Eagle!

Item #1: Take criticism around here with a grain of salt. Thick skin is recommended. Click here for information

Item #2: Proper grammar and spelling is encouraged by various members. Click here for information

Item #3: Tiger walk starts 2 hours prior to kickoff

Item #4: Game times can be found by looking at the schedule on the main page, ESPN or various other previously posted threads requesting kickoff times.

Item #5: Common abbreviations used in the Bunker:

IYAM = If you ask me / If you are me
YGM = You got mail <;;–Use with caution (some get irritated)
SIAP = Sorry if already posted
WDE = War D@mn Eagle
TOS = The Other Site(s) <;;– We won't tell you the other site's name
OT = Off topic (Preempt subject if it does not pertain to Bunker's theme, which varies from week to week.
BTW = By the way
*** = Used to indicate message is all in subject line.
BsOL = Bama’s rival page Now known as turdsports.com
AU = If you don’t know, you’re a lurker
spuat = Scandal plagued university of Alabama at Tuscalooser
CTT = Coach Trooper Taylor . *see xCTT
xCTT = Tommy Tuberville. (Formerly CTT)
B/J = Brian / Jeffery (aka Barner/Jerk) Preempt subject if needing to ask a question to them.
J/J/R = Jeff/Justin/Rachel. Preempt subject if needing to ask a question for the Auburnsports.com crew.
PFD = Pat Fain Dye
JABA = Just Auburn being Auburn
IIRC = If I Remember Correctly
GBPH = Germans Bomb Pearl Harbor <;;–Post something thats been posted 20 times and expect to see this one.
TBIAPOB = The Bunker Is A Post Only Board
YHGTBKM = You have got to be kidding me (var. YHGTBFKM)
FTW /FTL = For the win / For the loss
WTF = What The F…
SSP = Sunshine Pumper
D&G = Doom and Gloomer / Doom & Gloomers
FWIW = For what its worth
TWSS = Thats what she said
LMAO = Laughing my @$$ off
LOL = Laughing out loud
TIA = Thanks in advance
TVS = Topic View Syndrome (Those wanting a simplistic yet confusing way to read the Bunker)
LBS = Little Brother Syndrome
nm = no more / no message
asdf = No meaning. Same as 'nm'. Performed by pounding the left palm on the keyboard.
GMAFB = Give me a f…… break
NTTAWWT = Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
LAMP = "Look At Me" Post
WAYBSMT… = Why Are You Being So Mean To…
ASFAIK = As Far As I Know
YKDR = You Know D@mn Right
xCBW = ex-Coach Benedict Willis
PIIHB = If you don't know what this means… then you probably don't want to know.
ITT = In this thread.
CGC = Coach Gene Chizik
FIFY = Fixed it for you
SMH = Shaking my head
SMDH = Shaking my D@#$ head
REC = Red Elephant Club
SIW = Sex Industry Worker Suck it woo!
PTB = Powers that be
HUNH = Hurry up no huddle
JGT = Jay G Tate

Item #6 Bunkerisms – Sometimes rules will be overlooked (ie Item #2) to inject sarcasm. Words will be not be spelled correctly and idioms will be used incorrectly. Legend has it most of these were actually taken from posters on bammer forums. Some of the following will be seen:

Bunkerism / Actual word or phrase
“Band” / “Banned” – 514 was band from the forum
“Your and idiot” / “You’re an idiot” – Yes, someone actually used that once… and meant it
“Escape goat” / “Scape goat” – Don’t think this idiom was intended to describe livestock on the lam
“Raped over the coals” / “Raked over the coals” – Hey, the new member didn’t know, so no need to “Rape him over the coals”
“Taken for granite” / “Taken for granted” – This membership package can be handy, so don’t “take it for granite”.
“Dually Noted” / “Duly Noted” – So do you want it recorded twice or correctly? Yes…it matters.
“Big kahunas” / “Big cajones” – Silly bammer, it’s “cajones”. Jeff Lee is the Big “Kahuna” with big “cajones”.
“Pre Madonna” / “Prima Donna” – A vain person or someone who was around before the 80’s? You be the judge.
“Fullblock” / “Fullback” – Ok, I’m at a loss for words. How do you really screw that one up?
“Skewered” / “Skewed” – Someone’s thoughts may be a bit off, but there is no reason to cook them on a skewer.
“Dominant” / “Dominate” – Just take the time to reference Item #2 for the correct meanings so you may use them correctly.
“Going out on a limp” / “Going out on a limb” – Freudian slip?
“Intensive purposes” / “Intents and purposes” – A very thorough meaning?
“Smoking mirrors” / “Smoke and Mirrors” – A reflective object with a smoker’s cough or a deceptive explanation?
“Imberable” / “Unbearable” – The spelling and grammar of the Bunker can be ‘imberable’ at times.
“Pocket Presents” / “Pocket Presence” – Give me a quarterback that knows his way around the pocket….not IN the pocket.
“Pummelted” / “Pummeled” – Anyone caught using a bunkerism outside of quotation marks will be “pummelted”.
“Paul Bearer” / “Pallbearer” – Are we talking about the “Bahr” tatted wierdo or someone who carries the casket?
“Just gone ask” / “Just going to ask” – Go ahead, just throw up 3 random words and we’ll figure out the rest.
“Supposively” / “Supposedly” – Yeah, it’s not ‘supposebly’ either.
“Turret Syndrome” / “Tourette Syndrome” – Mess this one up and you’ll be fired upon like a gunship’s turret.
“Tit bit” / “Tidbit” – Will you quit pinching your nipples and just tell me what the tidbit of gossip is.
“Rediculous” / “Ridiculous” – Incorrect spelling unless you are talking about a red… forget it.
“Could care less” / “Couldn’t care less” – This shouldn’t be hard, but it is
“Persecuted” / “Prosecuted” – He was persecuted for not using the correct term of prosecuted
“Felleny” / “Felony” – This is what happens when you tell a bama fan to “spell it like it sounds”
“Plagerism” / “Plagiarism” – This is ALSO what happens when you tell a bama fan to “spell it like it sounds”
“Crab shoot” / “Crapshoot” – Obliterating crustaceans or an unpredictable situation?
“Fear the raft (of the REC)” / “Fear the wrath (of the REC) – Well, it DOES explain why they’re able to ‘float’ a lot of money.
“Ironing” / “Irony” – In a bit of irony, ironing became a bunkerism.
“Point of Few” / “Point of View” – Sometimes it’s hard to see things from the Horn brother’s point of few
“Assistance” / “Assistants” – Maybe the idiot need to find some assistants to give him some assistance with his spelling
“Wading in” / “Weighing in” – After many had ‘waded in’ on the subject, it was determined ‘weighing in’ is the proper usage.
“Noone” / “No one” – 2nd grade English
“Aunts in their pants” / “Ants in their pants” – Well, at least there was the proper use of ‘their’.
“Righting on the wall” / “Writing on the wall” – Please refer to the bunkerism list next time so you choose the ‘write’ word

Item #7 Things that make you go “Huh?”. Post a news bit or question that has been posted already 20 times in the previous hour, you will see replies like the following:
“Moss to UK”
“Water is wet”
“GBPH” (See Item #5)
“What time is Tiger Walk?”
“What happened to Raven Gray” Removed after being located on HBO.

Item #8 Misc. Terms:
“Bump” – Just a 4 letter placeholder to get a thread back to the top of the page. Thread-view lovers need not apply.
“Missouri” – Going to need some proof. See “Show me state”.
“Updyke” – A simplistic creature more commonly known by its scientific name “daleerius bammerus” (Latin for delirious hammer).
“Nancies” – A group of people who have been coddled their whole lives to a point that they cannot cope with the trials and tribulations we know as life.
“Pics or GTFO” – Translation: “It would be appreciated if you could include a photo of the female you speak of. If no picture, please remove yourself from the area”
“Lulz” – Plural form of the term “LOL” or “Laughing out loud”. Used to express that a topic is funny.


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