Fire Chizik! Loeffler must go! Off with Jay Jacob’s tenure! These are the buzz words flying around the interwebz. Today it’s getting harder to discern the rumormongering trolls from the knee jerk fantasy managers sitting at home on social media.

Sadly the face of collegiate sports has changed. What once was an extracurricular activity in college has turned into a cash cow for various businesses and universities. Ever increasing coaching salaries has placed a higher emphasis on winning consistently and instantly over the development of young men.

After Saturday’s showing against the Arkansas Razorbacks, the issues surrounding this team are becoming even more obvious. There is absolutely no way to debate that. To pile the blame on one person is a bit irresponsible in my opinion. The head and assistant coaches are not on the field missing tackles, dropping passes and making bad reads. Meanwhile, there are a few questions surrounding the coaching. Areas to place blame are aplenty.

The point of this post is to explain why I’m not pounding my fist and raising hell to clear out the athletics department. Is it time for a change? There are compelling arguments on both sides of the fence. If the lack of me screaming and calling for someone’s head revokes my “Aubren fandum” as some have implied, so be it. We know the rest of the season is going to be rough and there’s nothing most of us can do, so it’s time to pull yourself by your bootstraps and let things play out.